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<< A good rule to follow is to follow a good rule.
And that rule could tell you "Now you have to wait".
Remember that before the action, there is always waiting.

Would you invest your assets in a financial instrument but don't know which one?
Have you already chosen the investment sector but aren't confident about the right moment to get into action?
Would you like to evaluate the progress of a specific financial instrument by observing it much further its bar graph?

Before investing your assets it's important to use necessary tools to make the right decision.

The best way is entering the complex world of Technical Indicators, that give you chance to understand which is the prevailing trend of a given instrument, on a specific timeframe, under certain market conditions.
This knowledge will help you understand if, how and when to invest your assets in a choosen financial instrument.

You cannot imagine the analysis of financial markets without Technical Indicators at the present time.
There are unlimited chances when creating your own indicators or using the embedded ones; the embedded indicators work faster than the custom ones and have a number of features that cannot be implemented in custom indicators.

For example, there are indicators that can be attached to a chart both in the main window and in a subwindow.
Besides, indicators can be calculated not on price and/or volume values, but on the values of another indicator.

Clever use of the embedded indicators will help to go far without diving into programming the own ones; there are thirty embedded indicators in the MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal, the most famous and used Retail Trading Platform. Conditionally, all indicators can be divided into four groups:

1. Oscillators: they allow to detect such turns synchroniously or in advance.
2. Trend indicators: this group helps to allocate price movement in one direction and detect, synchroniously or
delayed, the moments when trends turn.
3. Bill Williams' indicators: they have properties of both oscillators and trend indicators.
4. Volumes: this group analyzes the amount of ticks that have income during the bar.

Based on our experience, it is always a good idea to combine different indicators to reach out a possible probabilistic advantage.
We also wish to recall that even the best possible combination of indicators may not be profitable on all financial instruments and all timeframes.

In fact, to test the goodness of the "only" indicator and allow its comparison with others on the same historical range period, it is a good rule for experienced users to use a simple exit routine, for example "stop & reverse" method, that doesn't affect the accuracy of the indicator on the calculated input signals.

In order to give the customer the best advise, our service includes as precious add-on thousands of simulations (so-called optimizations) using the indicator obtained, through powerful multiparallel Servers.
Simulations are executed over longest range period available: usually on Forex the range period is about 15 years; Metals, Commodities and Indexes about 10 years.

The usage of reliable historical data allows high reliability simulations results; don't expect Brokers will give you high quality data from their trading platforms!
After a deep analysis of the genetic algorithm provided with Metatrader5 Platform, we developed an Optimization Method called "The Fish Optimization"

Due to the growing possible combinations calculated by crossing various optimization parameters, several hundreds optimizations are mandatory
to get a quite good percentage of minimum distribution of the genetic optimization on Metatrader5 Platform.

In few words, a single genetic optimization step will never be enough, no matter the number of combinations.
You'll have to run at least hundreds to let the genetic algorithm working fine; the more you run, the better the results.

The third image you can see on the right shows how Metatrader5 Optimization can draw "the Fish Optimization",
after hundreds of passes.
How to get so many Optimizations? Well, we were able to set batch files over powerful ad-hoc configured Servers
that use parallel computing (Metatrader5 only) to perform recurrent hundreds or thousands of Optimizations
in a quite short time; this additional add-on is already included in our services.

In order to provide complete estimate for every project, the customer's request must include:
- at least one indicator present in the list below (we always recommend at least a combination of indicators)
- one or more financial instruments to analyse with the indicator created
- one or more timeframes

We specify that our service doesn't provide Expert Advisors or Automatic Trading Systems.
We do provide the developed composite indicator and all executed simulations performed on a specific historical range period on Metatrader5 platform, giving you all information you need to get the best decision before investing your assets.

Additional Service "IndyCustom"
A customization service is available for the combination of indicators, following a specific customer request.
In addition to the list of classic indicators, the customer can request the development of a customized indicator
according to his needs.
Combinations can be endless, if applied to different tools and time frames.

Additional Service "MT5toMT4"
The single enriched & expanded report service of the selected simulations is available after the full report has been delivered.
For this add-on we use Myfxbook.com which allows a user to upload models / strategies and obtain reports full of useful statistics.
At the moment the service is only available for reports coming from Metatrader4 Platform.
Since our simulations are performed on Metatrader5 platform because the multiparallel enhances,
we offer in a single package:
- development process from MT5 to MT4 language code
- up to 10 strategies selected by the customer to be expanded
- creation of a free myfxbook account with login delivery
- execution of strategies on Metatrader5 platform, verification and comparison of results on Metatrader4 platform
- loading of the strategies obtained on the Metatrader4 platform on the client's myfxbook account for free use
Through this additional service, the customer will get all tools to create and upload his own strategies on myfxbook

Discounts are available for complex processing on multiple tools / timeframes

Financial instruments we can analyze:
Forex: EurUsd, UsdJpy, GbpUsd, UsdCad, AudUsd, EurGbp, NzdUsd, UsdChf, EurJpy and many others
Precious Metals: Gold, Silver
Commodities: Cocoa, Cotton, Coffee, Sugar
Financial Indexes: Dax30, Ftse100, Cac40, Ibex35, Eurostoxx50, DJ30, SP500, NASDAQ100, Nikkei225

Families of classical indicators we can analyze:

Trend Indicators:
Bollinger Bands
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
Movinga Average
Parabolic Sar
Standard Deviation
Average True Range
Bears Power
Bulls Power
Commodity Channel Index
Force Index
Relative Strength Index
Bill Williams:
Accelerator Oscillator
Awesome Oscillator
Gator Oscillator
Accumulation / Distribution
Money Flow Index
On Balance Volume
AMA - Adaptive Moving Average
VIDYA - Variable Index Dynamic Average

Should you have any info request, please contact us.

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