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Welcome to SioliBros website!
Our company was founded in 2001 and headquartered in Milan (Italy). It was born from Sioli Brothers, Paolo & Luca.

We are experts in backtesting and optimizing Forex Metatrader4 trading systems, using highest quality history data (99% tick data) on a personal dedicated server room based on 40 powerful units with Intel Core i7 CPU.
We are also software developers in mql4 language, coding complex trading systems with a statistical tick based approach.

We developed a unique database system that let us to analyze and combine together hundreds of trading settings (choosen from different crosspairs, timeframes and tech indicators) in order to choose the best non-matching combinations.

In our quest for the perfect trade, we just started to look for the best Free Expert Advisor over the market, on the most popular trading platform. Starting from that software, we built a high performance customized version, adding very unique features.

Today we have great experience in grid trading with success, but we are also focusing on tick scalping and high frequency systems... ;-)
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  SioliBros s.a.s. | Via Varanini 28, 20127 Milano (Italy) | info@siolibros.net | VAT IT03255860961