Here are the SioliBros: Paolo and Luca

SioliBros rocks the world during Smau 1998!

SioliBros is also member of SIAT,
the Italian Society of Technical Analysis
The beginning
We were born in the 70's. Since we were young, we always have been attracted from Information Technology and the world of numbers. Our father worked in the SWIFT area of an important Italian Bank Company, and he passed his passion for computers to us.

Our first personal computer was the great Commodore 64 (in 1983, Paolo was only 7, Luca was only 5), that let us to learn the fundamentals of BASIC language. We quickly passed to Commodore Amiga (in 1987), starting programming the WorkBench GUI and creating a lot of amazing computer graphics and animations using DeluxePaint software. We also used Amiga to compose a lot of soundtracks using the famous Sonix, Pro/FasTracker and Oktalizer. We know someone out there knows what we are talking about... ;-)


During high school (Institute for Information and Technology) we studied several programming languages, like Pascal and Cobol (on PC and AS400), focusing on development of accounting systems.

Finished the high school, Paolo completed with honours an Information Techonology Graduate School, increasing his Cobol language knowledge. Cobol is a computer programming language designed for business use. It's primarily used in business, finance, and administrative systems for companies and governments. COBOL is still widely used in legacy applications deployed on mainframe computers, such as large-scale batch and transaction processing jobs.

First jobs

We started immediately to work for some exciting computers company in Milan (1997), learning additional languages like Html, Css, Javascript, VBScript, Asp and using MS Access and SqlServer databases. Paolo also worked for some years in a Hi-Tech Software House, with many international customers. In the meantime we became Adobe Dreamweaver certified developers, becoming professional web designers and web application developers. Luca focused in complex hardware configurations and networking solutions.

Due to our tech skills, in 1998 we won the important first place in the Italian National Competition "Premio WWW" (Information and Communication Technology sector), promoted from the famous Italian Economic Newspaper "Il Sole 24 Ore". We were rewarded during the prestigious 1998 Smau edition in Milan. See image on the right ;-)

Company foundation

So in 2001 we founded our own company SioliBros sas, becoming an indipendent Software House.

We worked hard till 2008 also as IT teachers and web application developers (accounting oriented) for major private Italian companies and public administrations, using the most advanced software technologies and solutions. Just think that our first internal accounting system was developed to work immediately online as INTRANET in 2001...
Always one step ahead, from the beginning ;-)

In 2009 we left teaching to focus on programming; we started to approach technical analysis in financial markets.
We falled in love with indicators, starting to develop our own indicators, then we created a business model to sell our expertise to people as a service.

In 2017 we became a member of SIAT, the Italian Society of Technical Analysis.
SIAT hosted in Milan on October 2017 the IFTA's 30th Annual conference.
It was a big shot for us, letting us to know a lot of expertise people all over the world, here in Milan, Italy.

In 2019 we both decided to get out the founded company, though we still work side by side, each one with its individual company.

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