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Image no.3: GoogleTrends about Metatrader
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Image no.4: Fish Optimization Method
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Image no.5:
Custom indicator simulation over 20 years

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Image no.6: One of our supercomputers at work

<< A good rule to follow is to follow a good rule.
What if you would follow multiple rules?

Would you invest your assets in a financial instrument but don't know which one?
Have you already chosen the investment sector but aren't confident about the right moment to get into action?
Would you like to evaluate the progress of a specific instrument by observing it much further its bar graph?

Before investing your assets it's important to use necessary tools to make the right decision.

The best way is entering the complex world of Technical Indicators, that give you chance to understand which is the prevailing trend of a given instrument, on a specific timeframe, under certain market conditions.
This knowledge will help you understand if, how and when to invest your assets on a given financial instrument.

You cannot imagine the analysis of financial markets without Technical Indicators at the present time.

There are unlimited chances when creating your own indicators or using the embedded ones.
For example, there are indicators that can be attached to a chart both in the main window and in a subwindow; besides, indicators can be calculated not only on price and/or volume values, but on the values of another indicator also.

Conditionally, all indicators can be listed into 3 groups:
1. Trend indicators: this group helps to allocate price movement in one direction and detect, synchroniously or delayed, the moments when trends turn
2. Oscillators: they allow to detect such turns synchroniously or in advance
3. Volumes: this group analyzes the amount of ticks that have income during the bar

Due to the particular nature of Forex Market, we decided to focus on Trend Indicators and Oscillators, because Volumes measurement is less affordable, being Forex a non-regulated market.

As written in our article on Siat Magazine nr. 2-2019 based on our experience, it is always a good idea to combine different type of indicators to reach out a possible statistical advantage.
Each indicator has pros & cons features, so to solve this, the best indicator ever will be...a combined indicator!

But bear in mind a custom combination of indicators could not be suitable for all financial instruments.
I.e. A combined technical indicator like Moving Average + Rsi could work great over Eurusd, but at same time it could be less affordable over CadChf.       

So, the question is: which and how many indicators to be combined?
How to find best combination of indicators over different scenarios?

Before replying these questions, we had to choose The Platform for our analysis.
Well, let Google Trend talks...watch image no.3
We naturally chose Metatrader: developed from Metaquotes, Metatrader is the most used Retail Trading Platform all over the world, offering an impressive community of traders & developers with over 100,000 forum threads; it's totally free, with a number of financial instruments always growing.
Still, you can exploit the cloud computing for powerful backtest optimizations.    
No other trading platform could offer so much.

Metatrader5 includes 38 technical indicators, each one with thousand of combinations due to several parameters. No reason to look for new ones.
There's no materially a way to get the best mix, unless you wish to manually run backtest optimizations on endless combination of indicators.
To workaround this hard fundamental issue, we developed a Technical Indicator Crossing Engine System (since now TICES), capable of automatically merge tens of indicators inside a single backtest optimization to calculate the best combination of indicators over a declared financial instrument and timeframe.

If you think we are crazy, you should read more…

After developing TICES, we understood that it wasn't still enough, because the Metatrader5 basic genetic algorithm limitations.
In fact, due to the impressive number of combinations inside Metatrader5 for a single backtest optimization based on TICES (billions of billions!) we decided to develop a customized target-function, more efficient than all others provided from the trading platform, inspired from great tech analyst Robert Pardo's publications.

We had to employ combination of concepts, in order to exploit the latest algorithm evolutionary genetics combined with supercomputing, over our TICES. It was an amazing job! 8-))

Yes, the combinations of concepts is win-win: evolutionary genetics + supercomputing + TICES can really calculate best combination of classic (or custom) indicators for any scenario, using enhanced backtest optimization over Metatrader5.

Despite using a demanding customized target function, we realized that a single genetic optimization will never be enough to get good results, no matter the number of combinations.
You'll have to run at least hundreds optimizations to let the genetic evolutionary algorithm working fine;
the more you run, the better the results.
The graphical result coming out from tons of optimizations can be observed in image no.4, showing something similar to a "Fish Optimization".

Optimizations are executed over the longest range period available: Forex is usually about 15 years; Metals, Commodities and Indexes about 10 years.
We use high quality historical data, coming from one of the most famous Swiss broker, because everything is important: the usage of reliable historical data allows high reliability simulations results; don't expect Brokers will give you high quality data from their trading platforms!

To better analyse all results, we use third-party software like Myfxbook and Quant Analyzer to get enhanced trading statistics, shown inside image No.5
How to get so many Optimizations? Well, we were able to set batch files over powerful ad-hoc configured Servers that use parallel computing (Metatrader5 only) to perform recurrent thousands of Optimizations in a quite short time; this additional add-on is already included in our services.  Watch image no.6

What are you waiting for? Request today an estimate for your project!
Your request must include:
- one or more financial instruments
- one or more timeframes
- indicators to cross from the list below (or you can ask to include all of them inside the optimization)

TICES will calculate best combination of indicators following your specific request.

We specify that our service doesn't provide Expert Advisors or Automatic Trading Systems.
We do provide all executed simulations performed from the system (plus some free samples) over the requested instrument, giving you all information you need to get the best decision before investing your assets.
If you need more, you can ask for our additional services.
Because our System TICES employs classic indicators only, there's no need to provide them to you.
All main trading platforms include these indicators through several categories.
In case of an indicator not placed in your trading platform, we will deliver the basic code of the formula, easy to add to any programming language.

Additional Service "IndyCustom"
In addition to the list of classic indicators, the customer can request the development of a customized indicator
according to his needs.
Combinations can be endless, if applied to different tools and timeframes.

Additional Service "RepoExpanded"
The single enriched & expanded report service of the selected simulations is available after the full report has been delivered.
For this add-on we use Quant Analyzer free edition (from Strategy Quant) to upload strategies and get reports including useful statistics.
Since our simulations are performed on Metatrader5 platform because the multiparallel enhances, we offer in a single package:
- execution of strategies on Metatrader5 platform
- up to 10 strategies per instrument to be expanded, files provided in html extension
- loading of the strategies inside Quant Analyzer, files provided in pdf extension
Through this additional service, the customer will be able to get a deep analysis of the main simulations calculated for every instrument.

Additional Service "MT5toMT4" (discontinued from 1dec2019)
The single enriched & expanded report service of the selected simulations is available after the full report has been delivered.
For this add-on we use Quant Analyzer free edition (from Strategy Quant) to upload strategies and get reports including useful statistics.
Since our simulations are performed on Metatrader5 platform because the multiparallel enhances, we offer in a single package:
- development process from MT5 to MT4 language code
- execution of strategies on Metatrader5 platform, verification and comparison of results on Metatrader4 platform
- up to 10 strategies per instrument to be expanded, files provided in html extension
- loading of the strategies inside Myfxbook account created for the customer

Discounts are available for complex processing on multiple tools / timeframes

Financial instruments we can analyze:
Forex: EurUsd, UsdJpy, GbpUsd, UsdCad, AudUsd, EurGbp, NzdUsd, UsdChf, EurJpy and many others
Precious Metals: Gold, Silver
Commodities: Cocoa, Cotton, Coffee, Sugar
Financial Indexes: Dax30, Ftse100, Cac40, Ibex35, Eurostoxx50, DJ30, SP500, NASDAQ100, Nikkei225

Families of classical indicators we usually work on:

Trend Indicators:

Bollinger Bands
Ichimoku Kinko Hyo
Movinga Average
Parabolic Sar
Standard Deviation
Adaptive Moving Average

Average True Range
Bears Power
Bulls Power
Commodity Channel Index
Force Index
Relative Strength Index

More info about best combination of technical indicators can be found here:
Trading Strategy Guides
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Forex Indicators

Should you have any info request, please contact us.

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