1. Why should I use your service?
Before investing money it's important to have fundamental tools to make right decisions at the right times.
Nowadays it's mandatory to know how to use indicators and their formulas, allowing to understand what the prevailing market trend is, but also to understand if it is the right time to open positions.
Our Team can help you evaluate the market you would like to invest in, before risking your money.

2. How does your service work?
The customer wants to analyze a financial instrument using one or more indicators - classic or customized -
We develop / combine indicators, we create the environment necessary to carry out the simulations preparing historical data, performing thousands of simulations through powerful servers.
We provide all the results from simulations, to allow the customer analysing and evaluating any future investments on that financial instrument, thanks to the enriched information obtained through our service.

3. Can I ask for a simulation on different instruments using a proprietary indicator provided by me?
Certainly. You can send us your customized indicator, and after a screening on the code, we can confirm or not the chance to run the simulations.

4. Do you have a price list?
A price list should be perfect for pre-assembled services.
The high number of variables and the complexity of our job makes a detailed price list impossible.
We prefer providing the customer with the solution most suited to his needs.
Of course the estimates are for free.

5. You talked about Metatrader: why your service is better than the MarketStore feature?
One word: customization.
It is mandatory to consider three fundamental points on the Metatrader MarketStore:
A- the customer must choose a preconfigured black box (the software) without any chance of modification
B- the software must definitely be tested, before using it on its own assets, so you have to run simulations
on your computer for several days or weeks, using the historical data provided by the broker
C- these historical data are very often incomplete or unreliable in order to perform truly useful simulations

With us instead:
A- the customer himself can decide which indicators to use in the project
B- the simulations can be performed in a much shorter time through powerful ad-hoc configured Servers
that use parallel computing (Metatrader5 only)
C- reliable historical data are used, to get high reliable simulations

6. Case Study
Mr. Robben would like to invest part of his assets in liquidity on the Audusd exchange, and therefore requires
an analysis of the Audusd currency on the trend of the last 10 years, using a combination of indicators.

Our Team will prepare a quote for the service to be provided, retrieving high-quality historical data for the requested instrument, preparing our System to calculate the best combined indicators.

The customer will accept our proposal, signing a contract (we will always respect the quote given to customer, no surprises).
We will provide the timeline for the project to be processed; depending on the complexity and the expected time, the client will receive a job status update email.
We'll immediately start the project, running our System TICES to perform hundreds of genetic backtest optimization (simulations) with given reports and analysis.
Once the project is completed, the customer will receive the invoice to pay along with the all simulations performed, in a password-protected zipped file.
After receiving payment, we will send the password to disclose the file.
We will provide additional support for free.


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